Helping You Write Great Stories

That People Want to Read

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Empowering Fiction Authors to Succeed

Partner with us to navigate the publishing maze with collaborative coaching and achieve your goals.

Helping You Write Great Stories That People Want To Read

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What We Offer

Programs to get more readers for your book.

Author Success System™

The Author Success System™ is a 6-week course tailored for self-published  authors, built from years of research and investments, providing personalized guidance, replicable success strategies, and confidence-boosting tools. This program eliminates the guesswork of book marketing, offering a step-by-step guide that maximizes book sales, based on real experience and proven results.

Ongoing Heartbeat Sessions

The Heartbeat Sessions are bi-weekly small group meetings for established fiction authors seeking help to overcome challenges and achieve their publishing goals. These sessions provide personalized coaching, tailored feedback, community support, and expert guidance to enhance their marketing efforts.

We Want You to Reach Your Goals.


We're a team of editors and book marketers specializing in fiction books. Helping you write better books that readers love, on a schedule that fits your busy life.

Overcome your writing challenges and finish that book! Start writing your book faster, better, and with more confidence with our team.

What others are saying about working with us

My experience with Denis was even better than I expected it to be. He is highly experienced with all things related to marketing a book, especially if you're looking to dive into Facebook and Amazon ads. On our meeting he shared and explained valuable information that helped me tick-off a lot of things off my marketing list. I recommend him. Don't think twice, he's your guy.

Alejandra Andrade


My encounter with Denis was excellent value for dollar. He’s professional, knowledgeable, personable and very helpful. In a brief meeting he was able to zero in on my issues and give me specific and actionable tasks. I look forward to following up with Denis as and when the need arises and would recommend his services.

MaryAnn Clarke


Denis' knowledge and the way he presents it has be invaluable to my self-publishing journey. He always finds a way to break down complex topics into ways I can actually understand.

J. McSpadden


Denis Caron is the best coach! He helped me understand the importance of knowing your brand and your audience and list building! Can't recommend him enough!

Avery Maxwell

Self published author

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