23,929% Increase in Sales: How to Sell More Books on Amazon 

JD Caron
September 25, 2023

Learn how to sell more books on Amazon consistently…

Are you dreaming of skyrocketing your book sales and want to know how to sell more books on Amazon Kindle? Our author we’re featuring today was there too, navigating through the tumultuous sea of digital marketing, until we helped her find the map to the treasure!

We took an author's sales from just 49 books in 3 months to 726 books on Amazon KDP in merely two months!

How to sell more books on Amazon case study results

That’s a ground-breaking 23,929% increase! Stick around as we reveal the exact strategy that can be your golden ticket to success in the book world. Let's dive into this self-publishing success story.

The barriers that prevented her from learning how to sell more books on Amazon

But let’s take a step back. Imagine having a treasure trove of stories to share but finding yourself lost in the complex world of digital marketing. That was exactly the situation our author found herself in. Despite having a clear vision - wanting to start a blog, advertising on platforms like Amazon Direct Publishing, Instagram, and Facebook, and creating reels - she felt overwhelmed by the technological barriers.

This indie author was really struggling to sell books. This talented author was initially selling half a book a day for three months straight, from September 19 to December 17, 2022, totaling 49 books sold and 1,300 page reads on Kindle Direct Publishing. She knew she had so much more to offer, but didn't have the right support relating to book marketing to reach her potential audience.

Book Marketing Revamp

Then she met our dedicated team, determined to turn her dream into reality. We revamped everything - updated the categories, honed the keywords, spiced up the blurb (book description), and introduced targeted ads while releasing a new book. The tracking was meticulously set up through Amazon attribution links to monitor every step of the progress.

And the result?

how to sell more books on Amazon case study

Additionally, it's worth noting the significant increase in sales between the two periods:

She went from making 132 sales in the first two months to 726 sales in the second period.

Her monthly sales increased from 49 in the first period to a staggering 740 in the second period, marking a 23,929% spike in sales.

This remarkable growth demonstrates the effectiveness of her quiet-loud book launch strategy and the potential achieved with the right guidance and strategies.

She went from making 49 sales in three months to making 726 sales in just two months — a staggering 740 sales a month. A 23,929% spike in her sales graph! It's not just a number; it's a testimony to the dreams fulfilled, a testimony to the potential unlocked with the right guidance and strategies.

And now, she's not only reaching thousands with her words but also monetizing her passion, earning from all her four books. So, if you are an author looking to break through the noise and reach your dream audience, remember that with the right team by your side, the sky is not the limit; it’s just the beginning.

Share this incredible transformation story with all the aspiring authors you know. And if you are an author, dreaming big, reach out to us, and let's craft your success story together.

Summary: How sell more books on Amazon

Her challenges

  • Had people doing stuff for her before. But like many others, they only package the book, find some categories, keywords, maybe a half-good blurb. And that’s all they provide. There’s no follow through. It’s a “see you later” and good luck.
  • “Someone to put a plan together and run it for me! I’m not very good at technology! 😥”
  • “I’d like to start a blog, advertise on Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, produce reels, and I’m open to any other ideas! I’d like to reach as many women as possible! Have not established a budget. I have no idea of pricing! Is it all encompassing or by the post, reel, etc.”


Sept 19 – Dec 17 2022 (89 days – 3 months)

  • 49 Books (half a book a day)
  • 1300 page reads (14 pages a day)

What we did

  • Updated categories, keyword, blurb
  • Ran targeted ads and released a new book
  • Setup proper tracking through Amazon attribution links
  • Updated KDP A+ Content


By Design Dec 17 2022 -Feb 16 2023 (2 months)

Then took a 4-month break to focus on next book release. We did a quiet, loud launch technique and did the launch the right way.

  • OMA June 7th – Aug 09th 2023 (2 months)
  • 726 books (12 books a day)
  • 201835 page reads (3364 pages a day)
  • That equals about 24 sales a day or 740 sales a month!
  • That’s a 23,929% increase in sales on multiple books.

If you want to ensure that you’re marketing ducks are all neatly aligned before even publishing your book, or need to learn how to plan a book launch, make sure to download our FREE Pre-Publishing And Marketing Checklist by clicking on the image below or contact us to learn more about our book marketing coaching options.

About the author 

JD Caron

Denis was a coach long before he ever knew what that was. From his time in the military, to the decade he spent as a 911 ambulance dispatcher, he constantly found himself in leadership and teaching roles (he knows his way around an emergency). And after struggling to self-publish his first book, he knew he could help others do it better.

Currently, Denis is traveling around Europe, exploring WWII sites and sampling all the delightful cuisine the continent has to offer.

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