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What Others Are Saying About It

Peter McKelvie

Author of "Sutherland Downs"

"The Eight Powerful Ways to get a Review is a must read for both new and established authors. Since I began working with Denis, I have implemented a number of the strategies in this book. My book review numbers are growing and supporting the sales, which are also rapidly increasing. In fact, I am about to hit the Magic Reviews Milestone Denis talks about in this book, and I am now confident I’ll go far beyond it. I have a strategy and an understanding of what works and why. Great read, thanks Denis."

Tammy Smith

Author of "Broken Hearts Series"

"I just finished reading it and your insight and knowledge dramatically eased my confusion and stress regarding those dreaded reviews. I can’t wait to implement them! I’m looking forward to your years of experience in helping me as a new indie author. The information was well thought out, easy to follow, and I enjoyed reading it. Thanks again for including me!"

Julie Kabouya

Author of "Himaya"

"A simple explanation for something we dread entering into. Always seem to get a 'eureka' moment when Denis explains these tricky topics. The way in which it is laid out, also makes it easy to choose your preferred method. This help an invaluable advice makes me feel confident in making my writing, a career."

Jeanne Gleimius

Author and Ghostwriter

"Denis - Your 8 Secrets to Getting More Reviews For Your Book, has helped me tremendously!! I am often too busy writing and making deadlines to plan a successful marketing strategy, this includes getting reviews. The 8 points that you discuss should be at the top of my list! Thank you for helping me to refocus on what is important!"

James Flynn

Author of "The Edge of Insanity"

"A very handy and insightful little guide about getting more reviews. Nice layout and design. I’m glad I read it, and I’m going to try most of them out."

About the Author

I have a genuine desire to see others succeed!

In my coaching, I take a personal approach with steps that set you up for success not just in the first few weeks, but in building your author business for the long-term.

When I started in online marketing in 2013, it was overwhelming – I was fumbling all over the place. It took me way too long and way too much money to figure out what I needed to succeed.

Since then, I’ve not only launched three successful books of my own, but I've also become somewhat obsessed with book marketing and helping others to avoid the mistakes I made. I continue testing and studying what the top self-published authors are doing so that I can always give you the most accurate and helpful guidance.

I'm deeply passionate in helping authors to achieve best seller status on Amazon and to springboard their path to becoming full-time indie authors.

Amazon Ads Certified

Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate

Approved and Recognized Member of "Alliance of Independent Authors"

Alejandra Andrade

Author of "Moonstruck Series"

"My [coaching] experience with Denis was even better than I expected it to be. He is highly experienced with all things related to marketing a book, especially if you're looking to dive into Facebook and Amazon ads. On our meeting he shared and explained valuable information that helped me tick-off a lot of things off my marketing list. I recommend him. Don't think twice, he's your guy."

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