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Case Studies

Discover these diverse case studies showcasing our coaching clients from various fiction genres, who have successfully sold more than they thought possible.

Medical Thriller Novel
With just 3 months of coaching

>> Sales: First time author: 0 to 300 fist sales in first month alone
>> #1 Hot New Release in multiple categories
>> Invited to national podcast to speak about his work

Fantasy Novel
In 5 months of coaching

>> Sales: Over 300 reviews in just 6 months
>> Started making a name for herself in her genre
>> Re-inspired to continue writing in the series

WWI Historical Fiction
In less than 4 months of coaching

>> Sales: From 2 sales a month to over 450 per month consistently.
>> Consistently in the top 10 of their category

Contemporary Romance Novel
With just over 2 months of coaching

>> Sales: From 20 sales a month to over 3,000 a month.
>> Now a full-time author and speaks at conferences across the US

Real Authors, Real Success: 

Discover the Impact of Our Expert Coaching on Your Peers

“I’ve read a ton of books, taken several courses, and hired different consultants and none of them quite worked for me until I met Denis” - Wes Lowe

“I chose Denis because he has a wealth of knowledge and has a way of coming at it more like a friend… I recommend anyone who wants to succeed in this business to take a chance and work with DenisHe has been a huge help in all of my success” - Avery Maxwell

“I’ve been publishing for over 11 years and I’ve learned so much about so many aspects about publishing.” - Liz Crowe

"I highly recommend just having a chat to get to understand how he can help you, because he has made an enormous difference to me and my marketing strategy." - Peter McKelvie

"I couldn’t recommend him more, if you’re looking for someone thoroughly competent, and pleasant to deal with. What he brings is lazer-like competence. He doesn’t bother teaching you things you don’t need." - Iain Stewart

"Working with him and implementing his changes, I’ve gone from maybe selling 3 books per month, to selling 5 books almost every day and over a 1000 Kindle Unlimited pages being read everyday." Kaylon Tran., PHd

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