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What Some of My Past Clients Are Saying

“After coaching with Denis... I’ve 3x sales of my books” - Peter M.

“I chose Denis because he has a wealth of knowledge and has a way of coming at it more like a friend… I recommend anyone who wants to succeed in this business to take a chance and work with DenisHe has been a huge help in all of my success

- Avery M. - Best Selling Author of "Broken Heart Series"
(Selling over 200 copies per month with over 849 reviews on her books)

“I’ve read a ton of books, taken several courses, and hired different consultants and none of them quite worked for me until I met Denis” - Wes L.

“I’ve been publishing for over 11 years and I’ve learned so much about so many aspects about publishing.” - Liz C.

Looking forward to meeting with you and learning more about how I can help you achieve your goals.