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Sell More Books, Stress Less: Your Guide to Effective Marketing Awaits!

With the overwhelming amount of book marketing information available, this can be a daunting task that could take you months or even a year to figure out…

I was once where you are now. I know how confounding trying to figure out book marketing can be. You could waste tons of time and lose considerable money.

While you were authoring your book, you felt in control. Now with publishing and a mountain of marketing information, trying to figure out what is effective, a waste of time, or even erroneous is a full time job that can leave you feeling lost.

There I was, in the very same state as you, feeling lost and confused. I must have tried every tip and trick out there. I lost months of my life and enough money to buy Miami. I was posting endlessly on social media, but the likes and shares just didn't convert into the book sales I was hoping for. My pay per click campaigns became a money hole. Giveaways and contests were a total loss.

The frustration mounted—I'd had enough of the wild goose chase, of feeling like I was pouring my effort and resources into a bottomless pit.

That's when I knew something had to change. So, I took the reins and embarked on a mission.

 I spent the next several years learning, testing, and tweaking, determined to find out what really works for marketing a self-published book.

Five years of investing $10,000s of dollars, analysing millions of clicks, networking with hundreds of other authors, and sifting through a plethora of online advice to figure out what really worked.

Until one day...

Through those years of persistence, I developed the system that sells books.

The Author Success System™

Once my books began flying off the shelf, I had to share this system with other authors.

This proven method is now helping authors around the world just like you.

This painstaking process resulted in a proven, effective strategy—one that could save you from the same frustration, confusion, and financial drain.

  •  You won't have to wander aimlessly in the marketing maze or shout into the social media void.
  • You won’t need to waste money on marketing programs that fall flat.
  • You won't have to lose the money and time trying to figure out what sells books… I've done that for you. 

I've paid the cost, so you don't have to.

Now, you can benefit from this distilled wisdom and a clear path to connect your books with eager readers. This is the real value, saving you precious time, effort, and resources, and leading you straight to the results you're looking for.

There is No Other System Like the Author Success System™ on Planet Earth

The Author Success System™ is a 6-week course crafted specifically for self-published authors.

Personalized Guidance: Unlike other self-publishing courses, the Author Success System™ offers live feedback and assistance. Get real-time answers to your queries and tailor-made advice to overcome your specific challenges.

Replicable Success: The Author Success System™ is a repeatable formula. You'll acquire a blueprint that you can apply to every book you write, saving you precious time and money on trial and error.

More Readers: The Author Success System™ teaches strategies that gets your book in front of more eyes but also convert those viewers into buyers, helping you maximize your book sales and royalties.

Empowerment and Confidence: The knowledge and skills gained from The Author Success System™ empowers you to take control of your book's success. You'll confidently navigate the book marketing world, knowing you have the tools to thrive in your self-publishing journey.

The Only Book Marketing Coaching Program Built on Real Experience and Proven Results

Imagine having a clear, step-by-step guide to marketing your book—one that's been refined through years of experience and substantial investment.

That's exactly what you'll get with this coaching program.

No more guesswork, no more frustration, just simple, easy-to-follow action steps delivered to you every week.

We've done the hard part of figuring it out, so you don't have to. This program takes you by the hand and walks you through each stage of the process, making your journey to successful book marketing smoother than ever.

With The Author Success System™, you won't have to spend months or years wrestling with how to market your book effectively. In just six weeks, we'll equip you with the tools and strategies you need for success, saving you from a long, uncertain journey.


A. What sets your book marketing coaching service apart from others?
Q. The Author Success System™ data-driven and proven strategies, combined with personalized coaching and a comprehensive approach, ensure that you receive the most effective guidance to achieve your author goals. We're committed to helping you save time, money, and boost your confidence as you build a lasting legacy.

Q. What can you expect in terms of return on investment?
A. While exact returns can vary, this course gives you a strategic advantage with proven marketing tactics. The Author Success System™ is an investment for boosting your book sales and saving you time and resources. Essentially, you're investing not just in one book, but your future success as a self-published author.

Q. Can you continue to work with your coaching service after my book is published?
A. Absolutely! We understand that book marketing is an ongoing process, and we're here to provide continued support even after your book is published. Our goal is to help you maintain momentum and capitalize on new opportunities as they arise.

Q. Do you work with authors in all genres?
A. Yes, our experienced book marketing professionals have worked with authors across a wide range of genres. Our data-driven and proven strategies can be customized to suit the specific needs of your book and target audience, ensuring effective results regardless of genre.

Q. What if You don't feel you have time for a six-week coaching program?
A. The Author Success System™ is designed to fit into your busy schedule. The weekly action steps can be accomplished in just a few hours a week. Remember, these six weeks can save you months, even years of figuring things out on your own.

Q. What if you already spent a lot on book marketing with no results. How will this be any different?
A. Unlike other programs, The Author Success System™ is based on proven strategies developed from years of real-world experience and tens of thousands of dollars in investment. It's not just theory, it's a practical, step-by-step guide built from what genuinely works.

Q. Do you need to be tech-savvy to keep up with the course?
A. Absolutely not! The Author Success System™ is designed to be user-friendly and easy to follow, regardless of your tech skills. If you can use social media, you can succeed in this program.

Q. What if you want everything done for you?
A. Hiring a marketer for your book is an option, and The Author Success System™ empowers you with the knowledge you need to help you distinguish effective marketers from ineffective ones. So many authors have told me how they have thrown hundreds and even thousands of dollars down the drain with so called “book marketing gurus." With the Author Success System™, you'll confidently choose and direct true marketing professionals towards the right tasks to get real results. This is economical. Instead of spending on unsure tactics, you'll be investing in proven strategies that align with your book's goals and audience.

Q. If you have self-published multiple books already, do you need this program?
A. The more books you have the more you will sell with this program. The proven Author Success System™ is what you need to take your book marketing to the next level.

Embrace Your Authorial Success: A Repeatable Formula for Effortless Book Marketing

Imagine waking up each morning to see how many sales you have made... making money while you sleep! And knowing that your work is reaching more readers every day.

After your morning coffee or breakfast, you have the time to soak up the world around you as you plot your day. You are in control doing what you love most - - coming up with captivating stories - without the headaches of battling marketing.

Whether you aspire to be a full-time author or simply want to share the stories you've invested so much time in, this program will empower you to reach your goals.

The Author Success System is a repeatable marketing formula that you can use again and again for every book you write. The Author Success System is your book marketing secret you can use for life. 

Meet Your Coach, JD Caron

Ready to Take Your Book to the Next Level?

For many self-published authors like you, marketing a book can seem like a daunting task. That's where JD comes in - a dedicated professional, there to guide you through the labyrinth of book marketing with a customized approach designed for sustained triumph.

JD's journey in online marketing began back in 2013, where he faced challenges akin to yours - fumbling, misdirecting resources, and struggling to discern what truly worked. But after enduring years of trial and error, not only did he launch multiple successful books of his own, but he also developed a passion for book marketing, driven by a mission to help others sidestep the mistakes he once made.

JD's coaching strategy revolves around ensuring your success - not just in the initial phase, but in the long run. He continuously stays abreast of the latest trends and innovations, conducting tests so he can deliver the most precise and effective guidance. Thanks to his data-driven methodology, every step you take under JD's guidance is substantiated by tangible, proven outcomes.

The Author Success System™ has helped over 200 authors sell their books. And can do the same for you!

Five Top Benefits of The Author Success System™ and Data-Driven Book Marketing

Data-Driven Strategies: Uncover the power of analytics with our data-driven approach, which empowers you to make sales.

Comprehensive Solutions: Everything you need to promote your book effectively, from building your author platform to launching targeted promotional campaigns.

Save Time and Money: Focus on your writing while we guide you through the most efficient and cost-effective marketing tactics, so you can invest your resources wisely.

Boost Your Confidence: Share your story with pride and conviction, knowing you have the tools and expertise needed to reach more readers and build a lasting legacy.

Full-Time Writing Potential: With our proven strategies, you'll be on the path to achieving your dream of becoming a full-time author.

Real Authors, Real Success: 

Discover the Impact of Our Expert Coaching on Your Peers

“I’ve read a ton of books, taken several courses, and hired different consultants and none of them quite worked for me until I met Denis” - Wes Lowe

“I chose Denis because he has a wealth of knowledge and has a way of coming at it more like a friend… I recommend anyone who wants to succeed in this business to take a chance and work with DenisHe has been a huge help in all of my success” - Avery Maxwell

“I’ve been publishing for over 11 years and I’ve learned so much about so many aspects about publishing.” - Liz Crowe

"I highly recommend just having a chat to get to understand how he can help you, because he has made an enormous difference to me and my marketing strategy." - Peter McKelvie

"I couldn’t recommend him more, if you’re looking for someone thoroughly competent, and pleasant to deal with. What he brings is lazer-like competence. He doesn’t bother teaching you things you don’t need." - Iain Stewart

"Working with him and implementing his changes, I’ve gone from maybe selling 3 books per month, to selling 5 books almost every day and over a 1000 Kindle Unlimited pages being read everyday." Kaylon Tran., PHd

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