Book Marketing

Module 1 Introduction

Lesson 2 Chapter 1 Module 1

This course is designed to help indie authors acquire the knowledge and tools to successfully self-publish and market your book. Whether this is your first book, or 5th, the tips, tricks and techniques covered in the course will help you attract readers, develop your fan base, create an eye catching cover, and write the perfect book description. We will showcase various types of editing, provide estimates of costs and supply you with links to both free and paid resources.

All with the goal of increasing sales and earning a "Hot New Release" or a "Best Seller" designation.

We will cover a lot of material, taking you through practical exercises to create or update the major sales elements of your book, as well as providing quizzes and resources to ensure you understand each module before you start the next. 

  • Thanks! I’ve been writing blogs for over 20 years, but last year I wrote a draft of a non-fiction book (70K words). I’ve spent the last year trying to get a literary agent to go the traditional publishing route.

  • Looking forward to learning more. I have been a contributing-author in two books and have pubished one on my own. My book, Diet Industry Lies That Make You Gain Weight went to #1- but didn’t stay there very long. I’m hoping to find what I can do to keep up book sales!

  • My third book, “Discover Your Money Temperament: A Common-Sense Guide to Financial Security” will be released this fall. I have a publisher but I own the copyright and all rights. I’ve seen and experienced the good, bad, and ugly as an author, trainer, speaker, and consultant. I look forward to completing your course and applying the training.

  • Have published three books and nine courses so far. I primarily promote the books from within the courses. I am looking forward to following along to learn more!

  • Pen