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Feeling like you've tried everything to get people to find your book, but it's almost invisible on Amazon? Yeah, the launch can be super exciting, but after our initial family and friends buy and read it, the frustration of not being seen sets in.

I’m JD, and I’m here to help. How? Having worked with 300+ authors over the past 5 years, I've been through the paces, spent the time, and the money... all to see what works and what's just a waste of time. From that, I can give you proven strategies tailored specifically for fantasy authors.

I do this by giving you clear, actionable steps to overcome your greatest challenges and connect your book with those who will enjoy it the most.

Is the advice good? No.

It's super bad-ass good and it works.

And the best part about it is...

You Won't Be Sold To! You'll Only Get Value.

Sure, if you are interested in hearing how we can continue working together, yes, we can certainly talk about it but the goal is first and foremost giving you value. Ready? Click here to book your call.

So... then what happens in our call?

25 minutes isn't a long time so after a little chit chat, we'll jump right into it by:

  • 🔎Looking at What You're Doing Now: A quick review of your current marketing efforts to identify glaring issues or missed opportunities.
  • 👁️‍🗨️Chatting About Who You Think Will Enjoy Your Book the Most: This is also known as our "reader avatar". If you're not sure, that's okay, we can work through some of it together.
  • A Quick Win: After discussing the two points above and looking at your Amazon page, I can leverage all my experience and give you the one top priority to work on to get us closer to your goals.

More Cool Stuff About the Call:

  • Chat Directly with Me, JD: You'll tap into all my expertise and experience in the book marketing industry and get an honest second opinion on what's been ailing your sales.
  • Super Personalized To You: It's you and me on the call, talking exclusively about your book. This means you'll get ultra-customized, actionable advice that we can act on right away.
  • The Most Practical Tips: I won't give you impractical action steps. These will be ones that, yes, might take some time and effort but will be the next best steps that make a big difference.

This Is For You If...

  • You Feel Like You're Spinning Your Wheels: You've tried everything to make it work, but it's just not gaining traction.
  • You're In It for The Long Haul: You plan on writing more than just one fantasy book.
  • You're a Goal-Oriented Writer: You have clear goals, are eager to learn, and willing to put in time and money into your success.
  • You Value Efficiency: You're action-oriented and ready to implement what's recommended.
  • Tried Advertising Your Book Online: You've gotten clicks but nobody is buying it.
  • Tried Getting Reviews But They're Not Coming In: Netgalley, Kirkus, Readers Favorite have all been ineffective so far.
  • Don't Want to Spend All Day on Social Media: Posting relentlessly or dancing on TikTok isn't required here, so put away those costumes. 

This Is Not For You If...

  • You're Uncommitted: If you're not serious about building your writing career or lack the dedication to invest time and effort into your book's success.
  • Have Unclear Goals: You don’t have a clear vision or realistic goals.
  • You're Budget-Constrained: Straight up, yes, some of the action steps require an investment. I only recommend those who give us the best bang for our buck but If you're not in a position to invest some money, it might not be the right time.
  • You're Looking for Overnight Success: We only focus on sustainable and long-term strategies. No guarantees of overnight success here.
  • You're Not Open: If you're not open to learning new strategies or unwilling to adapt your approach for better results.

About me... JD

JD Caron has a proven track record in guiding others through complex challenges. His leadership skills, honed from military service and a decade as a 911 dispatcher, translate into precise, effective book marketing strategies.

JD's passion for helping authors emerged after successfully self-publishing his own book. He has since transformed the marketing efforts of over 300 fantasy authors, ensuring their stories reach the right audience.

With extensive experience and a deep commitment to authors' success, JD is the ideal guide to make your fantasy book shine in a crowded market. Let his expertise help you achieve your book marketing goals.

Want Some Success Stories? Sure...

"I’ve read a ton of books, taken several courses, and hired different consultants and none of them quite worked for me until I met Denis”

"I couldn’t recommend him more, if you’re looking for someone thoroughly competent, and pleasant to deal with. What he brings is lazer-like competence. He doesn’t bother teaching you things don’t need."

"Working with him and implementing his changes, I’ve gone from maybe selling 3 books per month, to selling 5 books almost every day and over a 1000 Kindle Unlimited pages being read everyday."

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from the 25-minute chat?

We'll focus on your most pressing marketing challenge and come up with some actionable strategies to overcome it.

Is there any obligation after?

No, there is no obligation. Based on your current situation, I might not even have anything to offer you. Our chat is to provide you with value and help you decide if working together moving forward would be beneficial.

How do I prepare for our chat?

Come prepared with specific questions or challenges you are facing in your book marketing. This will help us make the most of our time together.

Why is this free?

I offer this for free to demonstrate the value I can provide and to help you with your current marketing challenges. It's a way for you to experience our expertise and decide if partnering with us for further services would be beneficial. Our goal is to provide you with actionable insights, whether or not you choose to work with us in the future.

What Other Authors Are Saying

Julie T.: "JD offered me tremendous value and insight. Knowledgeable, kind, and a natural coach. Self-publication can be scary, but I gained a lot of confidence from his expertise. Five stars!"

Dustin W.: "JD is the real deal. He helped me set up ads that generated consistent sales. Three months post-launch, I sold over 1,000 copies and sparked interest from movie production companies. Huge credit to JD. Hire him!"

Sean K.: "Denis helped me build a marketing strategy that increased my sales 10X while dropping my ad spend. I've sold more books since working with Denis than ever before.

Just Some of The Authors I've Worked With

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