Helping You Write Great Stories That People Want to Read

Helping You Write Great Stories That People Want To Read

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Fiction Book Editing to Make Sure You're Releasing the Best Quality Book

While retaining YOUR voice, writing style, and story. Team up with Award-Winning Editor and Writer Mairead Beeson, of the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA).

Catch the Unicorn: Demystifying Book Marketing for Fiction Authors

Feel as if success as a fiction author is as elusive as trying to catch a unicorn? Discover winning strategies that will save you time and money while selling more books!

Join Our Community of Indie Authors Just Like You

Join the 2600+ self-published authors that have discovered hidden methods to sell more books. This free and engaged indie author Facebook group is a safe, spam-free zone where you can interact with others just like you to share knowledge, expertise, and overcoming challenges.

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What Others Like You are Saying About Weekend Publisher

My experience with Denis was even better than I expected it to be. He is highly experienced with all things related to marketing a book, especially if you're looking to dive into Facebook and Amazon ads. On our meeting he shared and explained valuable information that helped me tick-off a lot of things off my marketing list. I recommend him. Don't think twice, he's your guy.

Alejandra Andrade


My encounter with Denis was excellent value for dollar. He’s professional, knowledgeable, personable and very helpful. In a brief meeting he was able to zero in on my issues and give me specific and actionable tasks. I look forward to following up with Denis as and when the need arises and would recommend his services.

MaryAnn Clarke


Denis' knowledge and the way he presents it has be invaluable to my self-publishing journey. He always finds a way to break down complex topics into ways I can actually understand.

J. McSpadden


Denis Caron is the best coach! He helped me understand the importance of knowing your brand and your audience and list building! Can't recommend him enough!

Avery Maxwell

Self published author


I'm Denis

I have a genuine desire to see others succeed.

In my coaching, I take a personal approach with steps that set clients up for success not just in the first few weeks, but also in building an author business for the long-term.

When I started in online marketing in 2013, it was overwhelming – I was ALL over the place, trying every tactic I came across. This all came to a head in 2017 when I launched my first book. I threw everything at the wall. Do I recommend you do this? No, it was widely unprofitable and disheartening. But what it did give me was data to analyze and help determine what worked and what didn’t. Not to mention lessons on how to maximize my marketing potential on a tight budget.

Since then, I’ve become deeply passionate about book marketing and continue testing and studying what the top self-published authors are doing. I implement these lessons to my own books and share the results through my YouTube channel, Facebook group, speaking engagements, and of course, through one-on-one coaching.

I have helped coach authors to achieve best seller status on Amazon and to springboard their path to becoming full-time indie authors.

In 2018, I was able to retire from my job working as a 911 Dispatcher and move to working full time online after building a successful writing and coaching business, quickly followed by two other businesses.

If this all sounds appealing to you, let’s start working together.

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