Community, Feedback, and Resources to help you Achieve Success and Growth as an Author

Join our twice-a-month heartbeat sessions for personalized guidance, supportive connections, and tools to elevate your author journey.

What Are They?

Heartbeat sessions, led by JD, your lead marketer, are bi-weekly gatherings designed to support and empower authors like you. In these sessions, we dive into the heart of your marketing challenges, providing you with personalized feedback and actionable strategies. Our aim is to create a nurturing environment where you can connect with peers, share experiences, and grow together as a community.

What's In It For You

  • Personalized Feedback: Get tailored advice and insights to help you overcome specific hurdles and enhance your marketing efforts.
  • Small Group Size: With a cap of just 6 participants per chat, we make sure that everyone gets the attention and support they need.
  • Community Building: Forge meaningful connections with fellow authors who share your passion and drive. These relationships can provide ongoing support, collaboration opportunities, and a sense of belonging.
  • Actionable Strategies: Walk away from each session with clear, actionable steps to move your marketing forward.
  • Diverse Perspectives: Benefit from the collective wisdom and diverse experiences of the group, leading to richer discussions and more creative solutions.

These sessions are more than just meetings; they are a space for growth, collaboration, and inspiration.

Investment in Your Growth

The cost to join our Heartbeat Sessions is $100 per month. This investment includes:

  • Bi-weekly sessions with personalized feedback and actionable strategies.
  • An intimate group setting capped at 6 participants to ensure personalized attention.
  • Continuous support through our dedicated community of authors.
  • Access to session recordings and additional resources.

We strive to make each session a valuable part of your ongoing development as an author. Ready to take the next step? Join us and start transforming your marketing approach today.

Not Sure It's For You?

We get it - joining something new can be daunting. But let's ease your mind:

  • Flexible Scheduling: Your time is precious, and we honor that. Our Heartbeat Sessions come in various time slots to fit snugly into your life's puzzle. Whether you're a morning person or a night owl, we're ready when you are. Embrace growth and connection without ever feeling stretched thin.
  • Personalized Attention: Your story matters, and so does your voice. That's why we keep our sessions cozy with just 6 participants. Here, every question sparks a conversation, and every challenge is a stepping stone to your success. 

Joining our Heartbeat Sessions is more than just attending a meeting. It's about stepping into a circle of support, where your worries are heard, and your aspirations are nurtured.

How It Works

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Sign Up: Click the button below to reserve your spot.
  2. Prepare: Before the session, we'll send you a reminder with all the details you need, including any materials or questions to ponder.
  3. Engage: During the session, dive into discussions, share your challenges, and receive personalized feedback. It's your time to shine and grow.
  4. Follow Up: After the session, we'll provide a copy of the recording to revisit for deeper insights.


  • What if I miss a session? Life happens. If you miss a session, we'll still provide a recording so you can catch up at your convenience.
  • How interactive are the sessions? Very! We encourage active participation, questions, and sharing. It's all about collaborative growth.
  • Can I suggest topics for future sessions? Absolutely! Your input helps shape the content to ensure it's relevant and valuable to you.
  • Is there ongoing support after each session? Yes! You'll have access to our community for continued support, networking, and collaboration.

Ready to take the leap and transform your marketing journey? Join the Heartbeat Community today and step into a world of growth, support, and success.

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