How Busy People Finish Writing Their Books

Personalized online writing coaching designed to boost your confidence and write better stories, faster.

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Have you experienced one or all of the following?

  • Writers block.
  • Low confidence.
  • Low creativity.
  • Impostor syndrome.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then know you're not alone.

Writing a book is a huge endeavor. You've no doubt had several moments of feeling like your writing skills, or worse, you yourself aren't good enough. That you lack that 'special spark' that's required to become an author.

This is way more common than you realize.


It's absolutely false.

What separates those who finish their books and those who don't, is as simple as committing to yourself and taking action.

Thankfully, there's a way that you don't have to tackle these challenges on your own.

Introducing Professional Writing Coaching

Benefits of Working With A Writing Coach

Personalized-To-You Goal Setting & Accountability:

Helps you discover specifically what your end goal is. Together, you and Mairead break it down into manageable steps. Define your working style and determine if words per week or hours per week work better for you.

According to study done by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), you're 95% more likely to accomplish your goal if you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to.

Fast-Track and Dramatically Improve Your Writing and Confidence:

With personalized writing feedback and help you will write a more engaging and polished story. A story that readers will love and talk about.

Whether you consider yourself a plotter or a pantser, or neither, coaching is here to help you improve your confidence, writing skill, and editing time. What skills you work on are personalized to you but here are just some of the ways we've helped other authors like you:

  • Spot bad habits in your writing and plot holes before you get too far while retaining YOUR Voice, writing style, and story.
  • Crush your writers block by hearing other creative ideas and talking through it.
  • Write more engaging descriptions of characters, scenes, and emotions.
  • Learn how to edit yourself effectively and what to leave to a professional editor.
  • Understand the pitfalls of over-editing and perfectionism, while discovering the value in taking your time.
  • Keep yourself on track by using regular accountability check-ins and sessions.
  • Clarify how the text is going to resonate with your genre's audience.
  • Identify if you're over- or under-working yourself. Adjust your schedule appropriately. 
  • Get personalized, secondary recommendations: books, websites, other authors, videos.

How It Works

There are only four steps standing between you and your end goal of writing a great book.

Step 1: Book your free discovery call with Mairead. She will ask you a series of questions to identify a plan forward. Find a date and time that works best for you here.

Step 2: Accept your personalized offer. Packages start at $499/month depending on your specific situation and needs.

Step 3: Work with your coach to reach your goal. Average time to complete a book is between 3-8 months.

Step 4: Celebrate your win! Celebrate with your family, friends, and coach. You've accomplished an Everest that many others fail to, and crossed another major item off your bucket list!

Meet Your Coach

About Máiréad {ma-raid}

Award-Winning Editor and Writer
Member of the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA)

Originally from the United Kingdom (UK), now living in North Carolina, Máiréad is an award-winning* editor, coach, and writer with a decade of experience.

She is committed to helping you bring your story to life and adapts her approach based on you: your genre, your audience, and your goals.

She's here to help you with your next story. Click here to book your free discovery call.

Máiréad's Awards & Accreditations

  • 2021 First Place (Writer Advice Flash Fiction Award)
  • Member of North Carolina Writers' Network
  • Member in good standing with the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA)

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Testimonials from Happy Authors

Susie Kimnell Screenwriter, Playwright, and Actor

I would never hesitate to recommend her.

Mairead is an extremely conscientious individual, and a very trustworthy editor. She is immensely creative and intelligent and has a truly unique eye. I would never hesitate to recommend her.

Kaite McKenna Writer

I could not have gotten my novel started without her.

Mairead is an absolute joy to work with and I could not have gotten my novel started without her. She listened to my needs, walked me through the editorial process, and we began quickly. The process was smooth and worked to meet my deadlines. Mairead’s coaching and developmental editing guided me as I worked through my novel’s first draft. Her feedback enabled me to get to the next step in the writing process. I recommend her to every other writer I know.

Matt Miller Author of five education books including Ditch That Textbook

She makes you sound like YOU.

I hired Mairead to edit a manuscript and LOVED the experience. Here's why I'll hire her again: 1) Her editing chops are top-notch. She knows her stuff. 2) She has fantastic attention to detail. 3) She protects the writer's voice. She doesn't make edits so it sounds the way she wants. She makes you sound like YOU.

Gina Ruffcorn Author of “Our Class, Our Voice”

... her suggestions, ideas and comments were spot on.

Mairead was a pleasure to work with. After receiving my manuscript, she reached out and offered the option of a Zoom consultation/chat. I genuinely appreciated the ability to meet with her virtually and talk about my manuscript. As an author I felt valued, appreciated and at ease when we ended our call. I was certain that she was the perfect choice due to her kindness, understanding and level of professionalism.

As she began to work through my manuscript, her suggestions, ideas and comments were spot on. Mairead was open and receptive. Her edits truly made my words more concise and impactful.

I would thoroughly, without hesitation recommend Mairead. Her knowledge and level of precision as she worked through my manuscript was perfect. Her extra added attention to understanding me as an author was an unexpected gift.

Catherine Joyce Writer

Working with her has pushed me to finish my book

Working with Mairead was so beneficial for me and my book. From the first contact, when I hit a wall with my mystery novel, she steered me back onto an even keel. We created a plan, discussed and improved the believability of my main character, and she was able to answer any questions I had, as this was my first book. Ultimately, working with her has pushed me to finish my book and begin moving on to the publishing stage- I really couldn't thank her enough.

Mark Quigley Author of three books including Scars of the Leopard

She was extremely thoughtful and articulate with her suggestions.

Mairead took time to fully understand my requirements, writing style, and what I wanted to achieve. She was extremely thoughtful and articulate with her suggestions as we moved successfully through the project. Additionally, she made sure my voice was retained, within the flow of the changes she suggested. I would highly recommend her with any literary project you may require professional editing to be performed on.

Marc Davis Writer

Her communication skills and ideas will bring out the best in your project.

Mairead edited my first book, and my experience working with her has been nothing short of exceptional. She is very professional, knowledgeable, and will get the job done in a timely manner. Her communication skills and ideas will bring out the best in your project. I would recommend Mairead to anyone. It was a great experience!

You don't have to write your book alone.

Get someone in your corner by teaming up with a writing coach.