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Disclaimer , I will be recommending certain websites and resources throughout the course. Some of the links are affiliate links. This means that if you do go with that service, I will receive a small monetary kick-back.

Note: I didn't recommend these specific ones because of the kick-back, I did so because I truly feel they're the best ones for our specific purposes as an author. These funds will go exclusively back into the course and the creation of other groups and resources to help keep you up-to-date with new marketing trends.

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Course Structure

2 Chapters

What's In Our Control

Before we spend any time or even a dime on marketing, we have to make sure our book is primed for our efforts. In this module, we'll go over what you need to do to move on.

Introduction to Techniques 3 Lessons

START HERE. Introduction to Your Instructor and to the System

In this lesson, Ill be explaining my background, how I can help you, an overview of the course, and of course, the obligatory disclaimers.

Module 1 Introduction

This course is designed to help you, the indie author acquire the knowledge and tools to successfully self-publish and market your book. Whether this is your first book, or 5th, the tips, tricks and techniques covered in the course will help you attract readers, sell more books, and develop your fan base.

In this module, we will be focusing on preparing your book for 'primetime'

Why People Buy Books

Before we get started, it's important to understand WHY people buy books in the first place. This will help us understand the methodology behind our marketing strategies.

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Preparing Your Book 8 Lessons

3 Aspects of Conversions

Let's talk about what the three CRITICAL elements are to converting readers into buyers. Before we start with any marketing efforts, we need to make sure we have these down-pat.

Laser In On Your Audience

Here are step-by-step instructions and hands-on practice to narrow down the target audience for your book. I'll also explain WHY you need this and WHAT you can do with it.

Conversion Aspect 1: Book Cover Judgement Day

On average your cover has 3 seconds to impress a buyer enough to take a closer look at how your book compares to others in the same genre. Since this is the the main advertisement for your book, getting this right is critical.

Conversion Aspect 2: Book Description Blueprint

After analyzing 1000's of best-selling books on Amazon we have created a downloaded cheat sheet to describe the 3 main elements of writing an effective book description.

Testing Between the Two

It is vitally important to have the book cover and book description right, so make sure you test out different variations of yours with a sampling of your target audience. 

Conversion Aspect 3: Reviews

You can greatly reduce the number of bad reviews your book gets just be overcoming 4 common errors. This lesson lists the errors, how to correct them, and provides insights into types of editors and associated costs.


A Call-to-Action and is something that prompts or invites your readers to take action outside of the book. The goal of a CTA is to answer the question "How can we make it easy for these readers to turn into fans?". We can do this by giving them a relatively easy avenue to connect with us and for them to feel like they're part of a community.

Module 1 Final Thoughts

Now that we're all completed this module, here are some final thoughts you should hear before moving forward. 

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6 Lessons

Keywords & Categories: Setting Up Organic Amazon Sales

Setting up keywords and categories is going to be important to get those organic sales and those coveted 'hot new release' and 'best seller' tags.

We Need to Target THESE Types of Keywords

There is a "sweet spot" in how to find keywords. Let's look at what type of keywords we're going to be looking for to have the greatest impact.

Finding Your Keywords & Categories (Non-Fiction Version)

In this lesson we're going to be brainstorming potential keywords and categories for our non-fiction book example.

Finding Your Keywords & Categories (Fiction Version)

In this lesson we're going to be brainstorming potential keywords and categories for our fiction book example.

Analyzing Keywords & Categories the Free Way

Not as accurate or as fast as using Publisher Rocket but... doesn't cost you anything up front. A word of warning though: this method works A LOT better with non-fiction keywords than with fictional.

Getting Your 10 Categories

For some reason Amazon likes to keep the fact that you're entitled to many more categories that it initially shows you. Let's see how we can access what we're fully entitled to.

BONUS: Advanced Keyword Strategies (Guest Speaker Dave Chesson)

I sit down and talk with Dave Chesson (the owner of Publisher Rocket) as he shares some tips and tricks to help us rank in our selected keywords and categories.

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8 Lessons

Your Online Basecamp

Your website is where everything is going to 'live'. It's the basecamp from where a lot of our efforts will start from. 

Essential Website Elements: Part 1

Watch as I break down the four essential elements - in order of importance - that our website needs to have.

Essential Website Elements: Part 2

Watch as I continue to discuss and analyze other sites to see the four essential elements that our website needs.

Warm Reader Magnets

This is how we'll start collecting email addresses of our readers. From this, we can start turning them into superfans. 

Building an Author Website that CONVERTS

Watch as I build a simple but effective website using Wix.

Cold Reader Magnets

This is going to be the main way we're going to be attracting new readers - by giving away something of value for free. What are we going to give away? That's what we'll go over in this lesson.

Your Landing Page SETUP

In this lesson, we're going to build a simple landing page to deliver our cold reader magnet.

Earning a Couple of Extra Bucks with Your Links – Amazon Affiliate

Have you heard of the Amazon affiliate program? If not, here's how we can earn a few extra bucks by signing up.

Delivering Your Magnets HANDS-FREE

We need an automated system to deliver our emails. This is the one I recommend you use to get started and Ill show you how to setup your first basic email delivery.

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4 Lessons

Dawn of the Marketing

This module will cover the theory behind our marketing efforts, what you should avoid, and finish off with how you should be pricing your book(s) to maximize your long-term success.

Introduction to SBMS Theory

Let's look at our overall theory behind the Savvy Book Marketing System and how we can build our system around long-term and sustainable results.

5 Marketing Tactics We Won’t be Using

Here are five marketing tactics that I won't be recommending. It's not that they NEVER work, it's that they're generally not worth your time or money.

What Your Book Should Be Priced At

We'll look at the visibility vs revenue dilemma and what a proven path to pricing your first three books looks like.

PERMAFREE (good, bad, ugly?)

Most authors cringe at the thought of giving away they word for free. We need to look at this objectively though. That's what we'll do in this lesson.

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4 Lessons

Launching Formula

Our main goals in this module will be using our mailing list to get us those early reviews, get some initial traction, and ideally, into the "Hot New Releases" section for our categories.

Advanced Readers (aka Street Team, Scream Team, Launch Team)

No matter what you call it, they have the same purpose. This team is made up of your superfans. In this lesson, Ill show you how to recruit your team and how to effectively use them.

Pre-Orders: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Are pre-orders worth doing? Does Amazon differ from other platforms? I'll explain in this lesson.

Launch Sequence: To HNR and Beyond

Our goal with launching a new book is to reach the "Hot New Release" section for our categories. Watch as I'll explain a proven launching formula to help you do just that.

BONUS: Should You Re-Launch?

Is relaunching something that's actually beneficial? The short answer is YES. But when does it make sense to do so? That's what I'll be talking about.